Youth Voices

Youth Voices

Youth Voices

Fall – Winter 2017

“Where do we go from here?” The answer lies within those who’ll have the greatest impact on the America of tomorrow: the youth of today.

In partnership with BRIDGES USA, a Memphis-based youth leadership organization, we’re working to create opportunities for young people to raise their voices and create positive social change on the issues they care about most deeply.

As a key component of the MLK50 digital platform, Youth Voices will highlight and uplift the perspectives of young people around the world on the relevance of the Civil Rights Movement today.

We invite students ages 14-21 to share their creative expressions and ideas for action to advance Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s platforms of poverty, jobs, housing, education, justice, and peace. Forms of expression may be written, visual and/or artistic and may address some of the following questions:

  • How is the work of Dr. King relevant to your generation?
  • How can youth work individually and collectively to advance Dr. King’s work within the pillars of poverty, jobs, housing, education, peace and justice.
  • How are you using your advocacy skills to promote peace and justice?
  • Where do we go from here? How can we advance the modern movement for civil and human rights in Memphis and worldwide?
  • What is the greatest civil rights issue of our time?

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