Week 2: What is Peace?
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Week 2: What is Peace?

Week TWO 
What Is Peace?
At the National Civil Rights Museum, we have discussed the definition of peace. While it is hard to define, we realize that peace is more than the absence of war and violence. It is a deliberate commitment to love and compassion through actions small and large. Peacekeeping organizations take many shapes and forms.  There are hundreds of peace organizations around the world.  For instance, the Human Rights Watch conducts research and advocates for human rights, and Pathways to Peace works with the United Nations UNESCO and UNICEF in collaboration with other organizations to spread a culture of peace. What about peace at home?
  1. Reflect on these questions: How do you define peace? Who are the peacekeepers in your community and how can you support them? Share your thoughts on Twitter using the hashtag #MLK50pledge
  2. Read Dr. King's book,  Strength to Love.
When we remember Dr. King, it is important to think of peace. Dr. King learned about peace from studying Mahatma Gandhi's words and taking a trip to India to study Gandhi's teachings. 
  1. For the perspective of a young activist, watch and listen to "World Peace" by  clicking here
  2. Learn more about Mahatma Gandhi by  watching a short video biography   or by reading  Who Was Gandhi?  by Dana Meachen Rau.
Want to learn more about being a peacemaker? Click below.
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