Week 13: School Choice For Quality Education
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Week 13: School Choice For Quality Education

Week thirteen 
School Choice For  Quality Education  
Across the country, the new school year is quickly approaching.  Every year, many parents have waded through the complex issue of school choice to enroll their children in the best schools possible. This week Museum President Terri Lee Freeman discusses school choice.

A fundamental principle of school choice is providing students with access to the best education opportunities and resources.  A quality education benefits the entire community, and it's our responsibility as citizens to be engaged with our educational systems.  A fundamental way we can influence our local education system is to become familiar with our local school board candidates and participate in school board elections.  Our action steps for this week provide you with tangible opportunities to connect with the schools in your community.  
Gearing Up For Success 
  1. Consider having a school supply drive to your school of choice forthis back to school season coming up or support an existing drive. 
  2. Watch this PBS NewsHour's "In My Humble Opinion" segment in school choice.
  3. Find out what your employer's policies are on adopting a local school for the upcoming school year or find organizations with a similar program.
  4. Find out when your next school board elections take place, research the candidates and VOTE. 
  5. Share with us on our 50 Weeks of Action Facebook Group page your plans from the above action steps or how you made a difference in someone's education.
The Little  Rock  Nine and Their Choice For Change 
In 1955, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that schools should integrate "with all deliberate speed." This would allow more parents to make choices about where their children would go to school. But integration of schools happened slowly in the South.
In 1957, nine brave students, known as 
the Little Rock Nine, made the  choice to attend Central High School. Until that time, it was an all-white school. The Governor, National Guard and many people in Arkansas tried to prevent integration. Daisy Bates helped this group of courageous teens break the color barrier. Thanks to her help, they attended the school of their choice!
(For All Ages) 
To learn about the Little Rock Nine watch this short documentary .
(For Elementary Students)  
Go to your local library and check out Cracking the  Wall:  TheStruggles of the Little Rock Nine by Eileen Lucas.
(For Middle Students)
Go to your local library and check out Warriors Don't Cry by Melba Pattillo Beals. 
(For High School Students)
Go to your local library and check out A Mighty Long Way: My Journey to Justice at Little Rock Central High School by Carlotta Walls Lanier.
To try an activity about this moment in history,  click below .
Do you have a personal story on attending a school that wasn't in your zone because your parents felt that you would receive a quality education at another school? Are you dealing with school choice issues as a parent today? Tell us your story. Share ideas on how we can change the education system so that everyone can receive a quality education, no matter their economic status.