Week 30: Decent Housing- Redlining Your Community
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Week 30: Decent Housing- Redlining Your Community

Week Thirty Decent Housing: 
Redlining Your Community

The issue of decent housing is more than the quality of the physical dwelling people live in, but also the surrounding community. In modern America, we are impacted by a legacy of housing policies that affect government funding for schools, community development, quality of life, economic access or wealth, and more. Watch Adam Conover from "Adam Ruins Everything" explain the policy and legacy of redlining in the video below titled "The Disturbing History of the Suburbs ."

Do you have good schools, public parks and community centers in your neighborhood? Has a freeway bypass to the suburbs been built in the middle of your neighborhood?Perhaps your community or neighborhood benefitted from these influential government policies. Learn more about the legacy of redlining in your community with our action items below.   

Know Your Community:
Make it Better! 
  1. Check out the website Mapping Inequality to check out how the neighborhoods in your city evolved. 
  2. View this Map of Socioeconomic status by the Urban Institute to show that inequality isn't just about money, but where you live. See what's happening exactly where you live.  

Share Your Story! 
How has redlining influenced development in your communities? Have you experienced discrimination because of where you live or your socioeconomic status? Tell us about it. Share your story.