Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Reflection Site/Plant Red Flowers for King
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Reflection Site/Plant Red Flowers for King


The Corner of MLK Blvd and 2nd Street map


The Reflection Site will be a rallying point for those who want to understand Dr. King’s impact on Memphis and the reasons for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. being in the city.

The design of this public space will be one for reflection and meditation regarding the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The space will be designed to be a point of reference to understand why Dr. King was in Memphis and how his presence affected our city, its people and the movement.


Plant Red Flowers in honor of MLK.

Memphis City Beautiful Commission, 664 Adams Ave. Memphis, TN 38105

Memphis City Beautiful would like to promote unity, community fellowship and pride by encouraging all Memphis residents, schools, businesses, churches and neighborhoods to plant red flowers in April 2018.

The City of Memphis and Memphis City Beautiful will distribute 50,000 at MLK50 events and at the office of Memphis City Beautiful, 664 Adams Avenue. For details on how to receive free seed packets, call 901-636-4410. Limited quantities per person.

There will be a special recognition from Mayor Strickland and the Memphis City Beautiful Commission to those who demonstrate exceptional, vibrant displays of beautiful red flowers.