THE QUIET ONE: MLK50 Film Series
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THE QUIET ONE: MLK50 Film Series

03/26/2018, 7:00 PM to 8:45 PM

Clayborn Temple 294 Hernando St, Memphis, TN 38126 map

Matt Ziebarth

Indie Memphis( )


Special introduction by Donal Harris, Assistant Professor of English at the University of Memphis.

Free Community Event

Sidney Meyer’s groundbreaking The Quiet One captures the trials and triumphs of Donald Peters, a lonely ten-year-old African American boy who wanders the streets of New York City. Shot on site in Harlem and at an interracial youth rehabilitation center in Esopus, New York, The Quiet One continues to stand as a landmark study of the psychological tolls of racism, poverty, and neglect on kids. With a voice over written by James Agee and cinematography by Helen Levitt, The Quiet One is part documentary, part poetry on film, and more than anything “a story of a human being’s search for love,” as its original tagline plainly stated. Perhaps the only film to ever both make the New York Times Best Films of the Year List and be endorsed by the National Probation and Parole Association, it was also won the International Award at the Venice Film Festival and was nominated for two Oscars and the Golden Lion.