Dr. King's Platforms - MLK 50 | Memphis, TN
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As Dr. King deliberately coordinated his efforts during the Civil Rights Movement, he consistently worked to improve the standing of African-Americans, females and all minorities in six specific areas: poverty, wage discrimination, housing, education, justice and peace.

In a time when many minorities were born into a cycle of poverty due to overt racism and wage discrimination in the workplace, families would often have few, if any, opportunities to improve their quality of lives. As a result, minorities received substandard education and lived in poor conditions.

Dr. King worked to change that. Through speeches, rallies, marches and pushes for legislation, he collaborated with other civil rights leaders to activate change and make stands for the oppressed.

As you explore his six focal areas, remember his mission. Each detail held significance because any small detail overlooked could determine the success or failure of the Movement. While Dr. King’s fight continues today, he certainly provided a path.